Bulldogs News · 2020 Milton-Union Adjusted Covid-19 Ticketing Allotments

Bulldog Family,

Thank you for your patience as the Athletic Department has been planning after Governor DeWine and the Ohio Health Department released the Athletics Competition Order.  This fall will certainly look much different from any we have experienced before.  Tickets are going to be very limited to do this order.  The Ohio Department of Health ordered that venues only allow spectators up to 15% of the venues capacity.  These tickets are divided up amongst the participants from both schools.  These ticket numbers do not reflect the allotment that participants will have on away contest.  Outlined below are the ticket policies for home events at M-U moving forward this fall.



Varsity Football

Ticket sales will be limited to participants from the following groups

The following students will be permitted to purchase 2 tickets per home game

  • High School Football Players
  • Varsity Cheerleaders
  • Marching Band
  • Color Guard


HS Soccer, Junior Varsity Football, MS Football

The following students will be permitted to purchase 4 tickets per home game

  • Boys Soccer Players
  • Girls Soccer Players
  • Junior Varsity Football
  • MS Football Players
  • MS Football Cheerleaders


HS Volleyball

The following students will be permitted 3 tickets per home game

  • High School Volleyball Players


MS Volleyball

The following students will be permitted 3 tickets per home game when playing in the HS gym at home, and will receive 1 ticket when playing in the ES gym.

  • MS Volleyball Players

There will be a limited number of games played in the ES gym due to scheduling conflicts.  It is our goal to do our best to keep them in the HS gym.


Due to these orders we cannot honor any passes this fall.  This is a very fluid situation and we expect adjustments and changes along the way as we navigate these unprecedented times. The Milton-Union Athletic Department is going to strive to make this situation the absolute best it can be for everyone involved.  I would like to conclude with stating the fact that I know the strain that this puts on our Bulldog fans.  Community and Family support is what us Bulldogs are all about.  Quite honestly, it is why I love my job. Our kids are going to get great experiences this fall and we will make the best of them.  #smalltownBIGTRADITION

Go Dogs!


Mark C. Lane