Bulldogs News · OHSAA Releases Guidelines for Spring Sports

Ohio Health Director’s Second Amended Sports Order Addendum

As was shared with the membership last week, an addendum to the Ohio Department of Health Director’s Second Amended Sports Order was released, has increased capacity limits to 25 percent for indoor events and 30 percent for outdoor events. The addendum can be found here: http://bit.ly/ODHOrderAddendum. Some key pointers to remember:

  • Capacity limits for indoor and outdoor events include spectators who sit in fixed, permanent seats in grandstands or bleachers.

Participants, coaches, officials, cheerleaders, medical staff, game-day personnel and media do not need to count in that total.

  • The addendum says that all other requirements and guidance in the Second Amended Sports Order (from September 25, 2020)

remain in effect. That order can be found here: https://bit.ly/2RWa1jh. Here are some key reminders from the Second Amended

Sports Order. Please share these with your spring sports coaches since they may not have been aware of the protocols that

    were in place for the fall and winter:

  • Participants not in the contest and coaches ARE REQUIRED to wear facial coverings on the sidelines.
  • Participants not in the contest and on the sidelines ARE REQUIRED to be socially distanced (as close to six feet apart as


  • Outside of game play, players are NOT PERMITTED to have physical contact with their teammates (such as high-fives and

handshakes). Coaches and other team personnel are also not permitted to have physical contact with players.

  • Any spectators in attendance ARE REQUIRED to wear facial coverings and to be socially distanced.
  • Family and household members should sit together socially-distanced from other individuals/family/household groups.
  • Facilities/venues ARE REQUIRED to develop spectator pathways that allow for social distancing along with seating

that includes staggered rows and six-feet social distancing between groups.

  • Facilities/venues ARE REQUIRED to install signage and communicate with spectators on social distancing, facial

coverings and hygiene.

  • Facilities/venues ARE REQUIRED to designate a Compliance Officer who is responsible for the compliance with the

Sports Order.

  • Facilities/venues ARE REQUIRED to disinfect and clean competition and high contact areas frequently.


Spring Sports Modifications, Requirements and Recommendations

As occurred for fall and winter sports, the OHSAA staff has developed sport-specific modifications, requirements and recommendations for schools when conducting interscholastic competition in spring sports. These documents have been reviewed by the Ohio Department of Health. As announced by Ohio Governor Mike DeWine yesterday (Thursday, March 11), the areas highlighted in red in the documents note that the quarantine time for students exposed to someone with COVID-19 may be reduced. Please continue to work with your local health department for specifics on each individual case. Links to the spring sports documents are available here:

Baseball: http://bit.ly/ODHBBRecs                                              Softball: http://bit.ly/ODHSBRecs

Boys Lacrosse: http://bit.ly/BLARecs                                           Boys Tennis: http://bit.ly/BTERecs

Girls Lacrosse:  http://bit.ly/GLARecs                                          Track & Field: http://bit.ly/TFRecs


Here are a few common questions that administrators and coaches may have regarding the spring sport-specific documents:

Do We Have Limits on Dressing Students for Contests: Unlike the fall and winter sports seasons, there are no limits on the number of players dressed for contests. That is a local decision made by your school. Please note that, once OHSAA tournament contests begin, there will be limits on the number of players permitted in uniform for baseball, softball and lacrosse contests.


Who is Permitted to be on Team Sidelines/Infields: This decision it up to the host facility administrator. The OHSAA highly recommends that sidelines for lacrosse contests be limited to participants, coaches, medical staff, game-day personnel and media, with media members located outside the team area, and that only these same personnel and contest officials be on the immediate inside or outside of the track during a track and field meet. As much as possible, any other personnel should be in the fixed, permanent bleachers or grandstands. Virtually everyone other than the competitors on the field or in the contest must wear facial coverings and be socially distanced (the sport-specific documents provide exact details).